Agilent TwisTorr 305

Double suction turbomolecular pump

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The TwisTorr 305 turbomolecular pump is the first example of a new concept aimed at the design and production of Agilent vacuum products. 

Performance, innovation, attention to detail and reliability are the cornerstones of this high-quality product that packs an exceptional set of features into a compact format.

 This turbomolecular pump is available in two main versions: TwisTorr 305-IC, equipped with a powerful and space-saving integrated control unit, and TwisTorr 305 FS, a stand-alone pump powered and controlled via a remote control unit. 

In addition to the patented TwisTorr drag stages, which enable high compression ratios for light gases and high exhaust pressure tolerance, the product features extremely low vibration and the lowest noise level in its class.

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